My journey of redemption to Whale

Life faces the indeterminate. Every step forward is an indelible signature against oblivion. Future of many possibilities, abyss that could paralyze us. But still the man decides to take a path to begin his journey. Every journey transforms us. Just like my trip to Whale has done.

The pandemic of the covid-19, a catastrophic dragon dimension event, led many to confinement to preserve our safety. Fear overwhelmed us. Our freedom was reduced to the living space that give four walls that we call home. Politically, this served as justification for authoritarian and totalitarian regimes to strengthen their power, as in Venezuela. Where I am and where I come from.

I as a historian, but mainly a humanist, observed everything that was happening around me, trying to understand everything that was happening: streets empty by fear, cities were left as ghost towns. Desolation first left by those who sought to escape the misery of a historically failed political system, communism. Or simply for fear of being the next persecuted politician. Anyway, there was a historical resemblance to what I was talking about the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, communist Cuba. Grey paintings where all social vitality disappeared, which became widespread in the world in the first months of pandemic.

The psychiatrist W. Reich said that the good and bad thing about life was that it grew anywhere, even in the deepest pit, there, where life also develops and adapts. And so inside the lockdown, people were looking for a way to survive in the face of this new reality of the pandemic: some began to go out to trade and expose themselves to work, and others, very few here in the country, were looking for some possibility of economic income over the internet.

In April 2020, a year ago from the moment these lines are written, I had my first contact with the cryptoworld, since in my hands was the money for an operation in my eyes, but that was rapidly devaluing when it materialized in the local currency. Rising inflation was consuming its value minute by minute. Find backup in Bitcoin, which was salvation.

After this, I approached the entire sphere of the cryptoworld, I got to know other projects mainly through Discord. Each coin had its particularity; rather, they had its personality. In the months of September and October, when basic services such as electricity were failing more intensely, sometimes 11 hours without electricity, it was in those dark times that I was able to know the concept of social token in one of those early mornings that the few hours of light should be taken advantage of.

When I look back at my conversation history, I encounter users still unknown today, but who nevertheless gently helped me introduce myself to the Whale project. First, I asked in English, then I approached the Hispanic Whale channel where I received important support and appreciation from its users, which some I never saw again, but others I had a nice memory of their friendship.

Once I arrived, I tried to get more involved in the project from its Spanish-language community. Where I read the translation of his whitepaper, and I knew the personality of the social token, $Whale. A currency sustained in the inherent value of artistic creation. The artist has greater means of expression, as well as other means of value.

Words like nfts, cryptoarte, interactivity became part of my daily vocabulary. Art found a fruitful economic ecosystem. The possibility of acquiring Whale tokens, first, meant a material freedom for me. But it also meant a spiritual freedom difficult to find in academic spaces polarized by the ideological bias in which I trained. Whale was my redemption.

So once inside Discord’s Whale server, I understood how important it was to own the dolphin role. Beyond the economic benefits of this, it was to support a new concept that could transform our aesthetic experience. So, in the last three months of 2020, my energies focused on getting the remaining $Whale for the dolphin role.

Just in my way to reach the dolphin, especially those last months of 2020, the nft had an explosion. Proposals boiled back and forth, and prospered. And I saw that projects came and went first for Whale, and then I listened to them once they reached some notoriety, just as happened with AlienWorld, NBATopShot.

Every $Whale entering my wallet was always subject to the temptation of immediate spending, especially when needs are knocking on the door. Likewise in those months, I was finishing my undergraduate thesis, which among electric blackouts, the instability of the internet and other oprobriums that attracts the precariousness of a collapsing public system. I can say that my career towards Whale was accompanied by the end of a life cycle for me as it was to conclude my university studies. In this sense I say Whale was my redemption.

Once January arrived, after spending a somewhat grim December personally. One Christmas with the family scattered around the world, he made up for a financially productive month. It was from there that I was able to complete my Whale by January 2021.

Having worked hard since locking up in December last year, I was finally able to complete the necessary $Whale for the dolphin, at that time it was 15 $Whale. A good way to start the year. I remember that by the time I claimed the role, I was exactly 15 $Whale, but as a rookie I was, I had forgotten the detail of the fee to transfer my coins to the Metamask wallet, at that time I had stayed right with those $whales. But it was thanks to Ambassador Paul who helped me with the remaining $Whale for gas. I also take advantage of these lines to thank Paul again for helping me start this journey.

Likely, the challenge had now become to maintain that role. And just beginning my second month as a dolphin, being inexperienced, I won a fourth place in GGian’s TurboPoker, my joy was in the tranquility that meant that. I could easily be a year as a dolphin without worrying the next month. This way my stay at Whale was without pressure. Enjoying marble’s activities at .rudem00se. So I could get involved in projects that followed a Dynamics similar to Whale’s. From there I set myself the goal of getting roles in TokenSmarth, Ladz, E1337, and so my wallet was enlarged by social tokens.


This experience of $Whale has left me rewarding memories, valuable friends like @Nat and @Ander. And learnings that have fueled my spirit. But especially, this journey forged in me a character, helping me to believe in myself. Because in a country where material triumphs ceased to be the spiritual joy of many. Whale made me feel able to reach goals, set objectives. At a time when I nearly lost sight of one of my eyes, Whale was there as one of the reasons for encouragement to move on. For the human warmth and solidarity of true friendships I found in Whale, grateful to all the people who made this project possible. But especially grateful for the opportunity to give my heart the re-belief in hope in a country where I thought I had lost it, again, thank you Whale for this redemption.